Who we are

Welcome to CAConversions

The nexus of advanced transmission solutions. With years of dedicated research, practical experimentation, and an unwavering commitment to innovation, we pride ourselves on our ability to make the 3rd Generation 5-speed and 4th Generation 6-speed Allison 1000 and 2000 transmissions work seamlessly behind nearly any engine.

Our Expertise in Programming

Our expertise lies in our custom-tailored programming. We've designed our systems to lock the torque converter after the second gear and maintain it up until speeds drop to around 15 mph. This meticulous engineering eliminates slippage, substantially reducing heat—a primary culprit of transmission failures. Through this, not only do we enhance the performance and longevity of the transmission, but we also amplify the engine's power and fuel efficiency.

Allison Automatic Transmissions

What truly makes the Allison Automatic transmissions stand out is their adaptive learning capabilities. As we continue to delve deeper into these mechanisms, we continually uncover subtle intricacies. This relentless pursuit of knowledge has propelled us to the forefront of the industry, marking us as the unrivaled experts in the realm of transmission conversions.

Diverse Expertise

Our expertise isn't confined to a particular type or model. Whether you're looking to upgrade a Dodge Ram with a Cummins, retrofit a Hagglund, rejuvenate an H-1, amplify a Duramax, or even modify a unique project like a rat rod, CAConversions is equipped to handle projects of any scale or complexity.

Unmatched Commitment

Our commitment to excellence doesn't end at our products. At the heart of CAConversions is a dedication to unparalleled customer service. Every purchase marks the inception of a long-term relationship built on trust, support, and mutual respect. Our team is ever-present, from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, ensuring that your queries never go unanswered.

Why CAConversions?

In an industry crowded with generic solutions and indifferent service, CAConversions stands out. We don't just sell; we partner. We invest in understanding your unique needs, ensuring that your vision is realized precisely as you envisaged. Before making a decision, we invite you to peruse our client testimonials and engage with our dedicated team of specialists—Dave, KC, and Mathew. Choose CAConversions, the gold standard in Allison® Transmission Conversion.

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