How To Determine the Right Torque Converter


How To Determine the Right Torque Converter

Unlocking Optimal Performance and Efficiency for Dodge Cummins and Ford Power Stroke Engines

Discover how to significantly enhance the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your Dodge Cummins or Ford Power Stroke engine with our guide to choosing the perfect torque converter. Equip your vehicle with an Allison Transmission that offers unparalleled torque multiplication, seamless power delivery, and the kind of reliability only advanced engineering can provide. Whether you're towing heavy loads or seeking to improve fuel efficiency, making the right choice here could be the upgrade your vehicle has been waiting for.

Unleash Unmatched Performance and Reliability with the Perfect Allison Transmission

Tailor-Made Torque Converters for Dodge Cummins and Ford Power Stroke

Maximize the capabilities of your Dodge Cummins or Ford Power Stroke engine with the perfect Allison transmission torque converter. Follow these comprehensive guidelines to make a strategic investment in power, reliability, and efficiency.

  1. Define Your Engine Goals: Accurately gauge the horsepower of your Dodge Cummins or Ford Power Stroke engine. Ensure this aligns with your specific performance aspirations—be it superior towing capabilities, enhanced fuel-efficiency, or high-speed cruising.
  2. Towing Requirements: Ascertain the maximum weight you'll tow to select the right torque converter.

A) For Dodge Cummins or Ford Power Stroke engines below 450 horsepower primarily towing light loads: A standard Allison heavy-duty (HD) torque converter will suffice.

B) For engines in the 450 to 550 horsepower range, towing lighter loads: Consider a custom-built "KC" HD single-clutch torque converter.

C) For powerhouse engines exceeding 600 horsepower: A triple-clutch torque converter is strongly advised for maximum durability and performance.

D) For those handling heavy towing with high horsepower: Opt for a custom-built HD triple-clutch torque converter to match your robust needs.

Essential Upgrade Note: If you are considering using a used Allison 1000PK, the stock GM converter CAN NOT be used! The factory GM converter will not hold up to the increased torque of the Ford motors and the low end torque of the Cummins motors. The factory GM converter can be used as a core towards the proper customized torque converter.

Find the Ideal Allison Transmission Configuration for Optimized Performance

Step-by-Step Guide to Pairing Your Dodge Cummins or Ford Power Stroke

Determine Your Tire Diameter

Utilize the tire diameter calculator below: use your tire size {Section Width}/{Aspect Ratio}/{Wheel Diameter} OR 235/85/16.

Tire Diameter


Rear-End Gear Ratios

Identify your vehicle’s rear-end gear specifications (axel ratio) like 3.73 or 4.10. Uncertain? Your dealership's parts department can provide this information based on the last eight digits of your VIN. View the tables below for your transmission ratio.



Determine Your Manual Transmissions Ratio

 G360NV4500NV5600G56 5.9G56 6.7ZF-5ZF-6

Determine Your Automatic Transmissions Ratio

 1000200068RFEAS68RC48RE4L80EE40D / 4R100
Sixth:0.61 (2006+)0.640.620.63---

Optimal Performance Chart

Consult the provided chart, inputting your data in the left-hand column, to ascertain where you fall in terms of optimal performance metrics.

Elevate the performance, durability, and efficiency of your Dodge Cummins or Ford Power Stroke with a well-chosen Allison torque converter. Take action today and harness the full capabilities of your high-performance engine.

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