Duramax with Allison Transmission

Why convert to Allison?

There’s a reason that Allison is the largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions in the world.




Duramax with Allison Transmission
Allison conversions can help with all kinds of situations:

There’s a reason that Allison is the largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions in the world.

Modified Engines
Modified Engines

Do you have a modified engine?

Heavy Towing
Heavy Towing

Are you towing heavy loads? Does your truck appear "under stress"?

Long Distances
Long Distances

Do you have to tow or drive for especially long distances?

Over Sized Tires
Over Sized Tires

Are your tires beyond factory size?

High Maintenance
High Maintenance

Tired of rebuilding or replacing your transmission?

How Does Your Transmission Stack Up?

What transmission do I have?

Duramax with Allison Transmission
    • Ford Transmissions
    • 4R100
      ZF S5-47
    • Dodge Transmissions
    • 46RH
      48RE w/ Throttle Valve Cable
      48RE w/ Throttle Valve Actuator
      727 TorqueFlight
Ford 4R100 Transmission

Ford 4R100 Transmission

The Allison 1000PK and the Ford 4R100 are both automatic transmissions designed to handle heavy-duty applications, but they each offer unique specifications and features. The Allison 1000PK is a robust six-speed automatic transmission commonly used in commercial-grade vehicles such as buses, trucks, and motorhomes. It is well-regarded for its adaptive shift controls and impressive durability, capable of handling high-torque outputs, especially from diesel engines. This makes the 1000PK particularly suited for demanding heavy-duty tasks. On the other hand, the Ford 4R100 is a four-speed automatic transmission utilized in Ford's light and heavy-duty trucks. Known for its strong and reliable performance, the 4R100 has an electronically controlled transmission system and features a tow-haul mode for better handling of heavy loads. Nevertheless, while the Ford 4R100 is an excellent choice for many heavy-duty applications, it might not offer the same level of adaptive control and torque management found in the Allison 1000PK, particularly in very high-torque scenarios.

4R100 Transmission Swap
How does Allison Improve your Truck?

Dive further to discover precisely how an Allison conversion can enhance your vehicle remarkably!

Duramax with Allison Transmission


An Allison conversion can significantly boost the reliability of a truck in several ways:

  • Superior Performance: Allison transmissions are renowned for their durability and resilience under tough conditions. They are designed to handle heavy-duty applications, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and improving overall vehicle performance.
  • Lower Maintenance: Compared to other transmissions, Allison transmissions have a lower frequency of required maintenance. They are built with fewer wearable parts, which increases their lifespan and reduces the time and money spent on repairs.
  • Intelligent Features: Allison transmissions are equipped with advanced control systems, including features such as predictive shifting and adaptive load management. These sophisticated systems can prevent damage to the transmission, further enhancing the truck's reliability.
  • Compatibility: Allison transmissions are engineered to work well with a broad range of engines. This versatility makes them a reliable choice for a diverse array of truck types and sizes.

By improving the vehicle's transmission, an Allison conversion can offer a significant boost in terms of performance, durability, and overall reliability.

Duramax with Allison Transmission


An Allison conversion significantly enhances the durability of a truck through various ways:

  • Robust Design: Allison transmissions are known for their rugged build and design, specifically developed to withstand extreme stress and usage conditions. This robustness contributes to the overall longevity of the truck.
  • Adaptive Features: These transmissions come equipped with smart technologies such as adaptive shifting and load management. These features adjust to driving conditions, reducing wear and tear on the transmission and subsequently on the vehicle itself.
  • Reduced Maintenance: The Allison transmissions, by design, require less frequent maintenance due to fewer wearable parts. This minimizes the potential for damage from regular wear, leading to a longer-lasting vehicle.
  • Enhanced Cooling Systems: Overheating is a common cause of transmission failure. Allison transmissions often feature improved cooling systems, which allow for better heat management, thereby reducing wear and enhancing durability.

By upgrading to an Allison transmission, the overall durability of a truck can be significantly improved, leading to fewer breakdowns and a longer vehicle lifespan.

Duramax with Allison Transmission
Fuel Utilization

Fuel Efficiency

An Allison conversion can markedly improve the fuel efficiency of a truck, thanks to several key aspects of Allison transmissions:

  • Advanced Control Systems: Allison transmissions utilize sophisticated control systems that optimize gear shifts, adapting to various driving conditions and loads. This results in more efficient operation and, consequently, improved fuel economy.
  • Precision Engineering: Allison transmissions are designed and built to minimize internal friction, which can reduce power loss and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Lock-up Torque Converter: Many Allison transmissions come with lock-up torque converters. These allow for a direct mechanical connection between the engine and the transmission at certain speeds, reducing power loss and improving fuel economy.
  • Predictive Features: Some Allison transmissions incorporate predictive features that can adapt to the driver's style and road conditions. This anticipatory approach allows for optimal performance, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency.

By switching to an Allison transmission, you could see a notable reduction in fuel consumption, making your truck more efficient and economical to operate.

Duramax with Allison Transmission


An Allison conversion enhances the driving experience of a truck in various ways:

  • Smooth Shifting: Allison transmissions are designed for seamless, efficient gear shifts. This leads to a smoother, more comfortable ride, reducing driver fatigue especially over long distances.
  • Advanced Controls: These transmissions come equipped with intelligent systems that adjust to varying driving conditions and loads. This means less manual gear shifting and a more enjoyable, stress-free driving experience.
  • Reliable Performance: Allison transmissions are known for their reliability and durability, ensuring consistent performance and reducing the worry of unexpected breakdowns. This reliability translates into peace of mind for the driver.
  • Enhanced Towing Capabilities: With the high torque capabilities of an Allison transmission, towing large loads becomes easier and safer. This improves the driver's experience, especially in work-related contexts where heavy loads are frequently transported.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: As mentioned earlier, Allison conversions can improve fuel efficiency. This not only leads to cost savings but also reduces the need for frequent stops to refuel, making long-distance drives more convenient.

By opting for an Allison conversion, drivers can enjoy a superior, more comfortable, and more efficient driving experience.

We Are Passionate about Allison Transmissions

What's included in an Allison Conversion kit?

We provide everything you will need to get the swap done right

Duramax with Allison Transmission
    • Kit Includes
    • Transmission
      Torque Converter
      Wiring Harness
      Flex Plate adapter
      Transfer Case
      Mounting Kit
      Cooling Kit
      Digital Display
      Allison TCM
      CAC TCM
Allison 1000PK Transmission

Allison 1000PK Transmission

Upgrade your vehicle's capabilities with the esteemed Allison 1000PK Transmission. You have the option to either include this component in your kit purchase or use your own pre-acquired Allison 1000PK transmission. To cater to your needs, we also provide transmission rebuilding services. Explore a comprehensive selection of other Allison transmissions here that we can expertly convert.

How to determine the Right Torque Converter

Maximizing Performance: Using Tire Diameter and Gear Ratio Calculations to Choose the Ideal Torque Converter

How to determine the right torque converter


Definitely! When correctly paired with your Cummins engine, an Allison transmission transforms your truck into a highly reliable, "Million Mile Solution" powerhouse.

While it is possible to rebuild and strengthen your Dodge transmission, it may still not withstand the low-end torque of the Cummins engine over the long term. The rebuilt transmission may offer temporary strength, but the hardened shafts may become brittle over time, increasing the likelihood of future failures.

No, the sheer size and strength of Allison's internal components significantly outmatch those of a Dodge. Allison transmissions are engineered to be more robust than any other pickup truck transmission, matching the power of many medium-duty commercial trucks.

Yes, with our new Dodge transfer case adapter, you can smoothly integrate your Dodge transfer case with the Allison transmission. The adapter ensures proper speed sensor positioning and required clearance.

Absolutely, but you must check the serial number to verify the transmission's specific features. The 2000 series is essentially a 1000 series built to OEM specifications, with variations in ratio and park function.

Yes, the Chevrolet/GM Allison offers advantages in terms of a smaller profile, which minimizes clearance issues with the floor or exhaust. Additionally, it tends to be more affordable, and typically has lower mileage and less wear.

The transition is straightforward. Both styles share the same bell housing, shift lever, and tail housing. If you have a parking brake or yoke, they will interchange with the 1000. Note that the 1000 is slightly longer than the 545.

The Allison transmission is not included in the conversion kit, so you'll need to provide your own. However, we do offer rebuilding services if needed.

Yes, we do provide rebuilding services for Allison transmissions. Our team of experts can help you get your transmission back to optimal performance.

While it's possible for experienced mechanics to perform the conversion, we generally recommend professional assistance to ensure a seamless and effective installation.

The time for an Allison conversion can vary greatly based on the specific vehicle and its condition. However, most conversions are typically completed within a few days.

An Allison conversion may affect your vehicle's warranty depending on the terms and conditions of your specific warranty agreement. We recommend checking with your warranty provider before proceeding with the conversion.

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