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Discover what our valued clients have to say about CAConversions. From product quality to our top-notch customer service, read firsthand accounts of real experiences.

Ford Super Duty
  • These people are amazing, and with a pedigree to boot! Best wishes and continued success!
    Jim Jimnak

  • CA Conversions are, not only are they great at what they do, you become friends during the process.
    Dan Caruso

  • Would highly recommend them and the conversion.
    Jim Ellswood

  • The amount of knowledge and experience these guys have is unmatched by most
    Connor Trea

  • It's nice to know there still are a few companies out there that stand behind their product to such a great extent.
    KJ Jones

  • To say the least I am very happy with Allison conversion.
    Steve Kioukis

  • Hello, my name is Daniel...I cruise 80-85mph at 1950-2000 rpm’s. Dave and KC were EXTREMELY helpful...
    Daniel Fernandez

  • Anytime I had a question or needed more information they always had the answer for me.
    Mark Hill

  • Hands-down the best customer service I have ever had! I will always recommend CAConversions!
    Jeff Dorman

  • I'm so glad I found Cummins Allisons conversions before I spent the money to have my nv5600 replaced.
    Keith Intemann

  • First thing I like about a company, is their integrity and customer service.
    Blake Holder

  • This product is undeniably the best choice I’ve ever made when upgrading my 2012 ram 2500.
    Dustin Smith

  • I'm so happy with the way it works
    Charlie Ellis

  • Works great nice kit.
    Mike Yonkman

  • 2012 Ram 3500...Absolutely amazing product! Customer Service...Their knowledge of the Allison is unbelievable.
    Nick Giggly

  • It works awesome. They had everything I needed. Great people. Very helpful.
    Xxxtreme diesel performance yadkinville nc

  • I did the install my self at home
    Mark Bello

  • I highly recommend them.
    Brandon Stogner

  • The owners treat you like family not a customer.
    Stacy Perry

  • So my hats off to ca conversions and I tell everyone I know how great they are. A++ products and service.
    Josh Gentry

  • I put it in D and she goes!! not a lick of trouble!
    Christopher Abnert

  • They went above and beyond my expectation. Everyone at the shop was very nice. I would highly recommend CA Conversions.
    Herbert D. Clayton

  • These guys have a great product that does exactly what they say it will do.
    Mike Massingill

  • I have 06 Dodge 3500...instructions clear and easy to follow. Dave and Matt were just a phone call away...
    Ricky Stoner

  • The team is amazing. I have never experienced such friendly, patient, cheerful technical assistance.
    Marcel Campbell

  • I STRONGLY recommended anyone in the market to purchase a Allison conversion kit for there vehicle to purchase the products that CAC
    Alec DiBenedetti

  • I can't say enough good things about the owners...Keep up the good work.
    Shane Saugstad

  • I would highly recommend Custom Automatic Conversions and their products.
    Ed Longfield

  • ...already saved a few hundred bucks in diesel fuel alone! LOVE the transmission...
    Cadillac Kid

  • This is the real deal! Thank you guys for all your help! Larry Anything on site repair...
    Larry Ouellette

  • Without CAC we wouldn't have ever dreamed to have our dream truck!
    Kaleb & Kayla Yoder

  • The Allison Conversion was one of the simpliest, trouble free installations I have evet done.
    Dustin Madere

  • I am a contractor I wish my other business dealings went as smooth as they did with CA/Conversions
    Chip Brown

  • ...Do your homework, talk to these folks and come order the last transmission you will ever need...
    Josh Entrekin

  • Would highly recommend them and the conversion
    Jim Ellswood

  • They treated us like family before and after the purchase and it's really easy to see why they have been successful.
    Brian Gonzalez

  • EVERY QUESTION WAS ANSWERED! Great product and great people.
    Ben Mann

  • Custom Automatics is the only source we need for our transmission needs.
    John Godwin

  • Before the conversion I was seriously considering buying a newer truck and now I have absolutely no reason to.

  • Best working Allison I ever did with there tcm! Has well over 100000 thousand miles on it with a load at all times.
    Tomkas Transmissions and Drivetrain

  • I will highly recommend their conversion.
    Bobby Smith

  • The truck finally feels like it's using the full potential of the engine and drivability is unmatched.
    Will Brown

  • CAconversions has the best products, customer service and staff backed up by years of experience!!!!!
    Mason Sexton

  • The truck performed awesome and I owe a great deal of that to the awesome people at CAConversions.
    Joshua Creamer

  • This is the way dodge should have made their trucks. I cannot thank you enough.
    Stacy Perry

  • I wish I had found them about 3 transmissions ago. Awesome people, awesome product!
    Shawn Norton

  • Your willingness to take the time to visit is a true testament to the pride, passion and dedication
    Patrick East

  • Swapping out my old tranny with a new one from CAConversions was the second best decision I’ve ever made
    Bob McManus

  • It worked for me! I also got to see some of America, the sun and sand of Florida and to meet new people.
    Dave Mitchell

  • I now have a transmission I have total faith in, and cannot believe how well this truck pulls my 19,000 pound horse trailer.
    Kenneth Tingo

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