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Recognizing Dodge Transmissions

Your ultimate guide to understanding the workings, history, and significance of Ford's innovative transmission systems. Gear up for an informative ride!

Duramax with Allison Transmission
Dodge Ram

Brief overview of the Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram, now known simply as Ram since it became a standalone brand in 2010, is a full-size pickup truck series that has been in production since 1981. It's an iconic American truck known for its rugged durability, powerful performance, and innovative features.

Here are key highlights:

Generations and Models: Over the years, the Ram has seen multiple generations and models, each improving on the last. The lineup includes the light-duty Ram 1500 and the heavy-duty Ram 2500 and 3500, each available in various trims to suit different needs and preferences.

Engine and Performance: Dodge Ram trucks are known for their powerful engine options, which traditionally include a range of V6, V8, and diesel options. They provide impressive towing and hauling capacities, making them a favorite among commercial users and those needing a vehicle for heavy-duty work.

Innovative Features: Dodge Ram trucks have always been at the forefront of pickup innovation. For example, the RamBox Cargo Management system offers versatile, weatherproof, lockable, illuminated, and drainable storage bins built into the bed rails.

Awards and Recognition: The Ram series has won multiple awards over the years, including the Motor Trend Truck of the Year multiple times.

Interior and Comfort: Dodge Ram trucks are also appreciated for their comfortable and well-appointed interiors. Higher-end trims offer luxury-level amenities, making the Ram a comfortable daily driver in addition to a capable work truck.

Reliability: While every vehicle has its critics and there are model years to potentially avoid due to reliability issues, overall, the Ram has built a reputation for being a dependable and rugged truck.

In summary, the Dodge Ram has left a significant impact on the pickup truck market due to its blend of power, comfort, and innovative features. Whether for work or personal use, the Ram truck series has models to suit a range of needs.

Duramax with Allison Transmission
Ram Transmission

The importance of transmissions in Dodge Ram

The transmission in a Dodge Ram, like in any vehicle, plays a critical role in the overall performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability of the truck. Here's why transmissions are particularly important in Dodge Ram vehicles:

Power and Performance: Dodge Ram trucks are known for their powerful engines designed for heavy-duty work, such as towing and hauling. The transmission ensures this power is effectively transferred to the wheels, enabling the truck to perform optimally under varying conditions.

Fuel Efficiency: The transmission plays a significant role in fuel efficiency. It ensures the engine operates within the optimal RPM range during different driving conditions. An efficient transmission can help a Dodge Ram maximize its fuel economy, a key concern especially for those who use their trucks for long-distance hauling or commercial purposes.

Drivability and Comfort: The transmission also contributes to the overall drivability and comfort of the truck. It's responsible for ensuring smooth gear shifts, which impacts ride quality. A well-functioning transmission in a Dodge Ram provides a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, whether you're towing a heavy load or just driving around town.

Durability and Longevity: Dodge Ram trucks are built to be rugged and durable, and the transmission is a critical part of this. A robust and well-maintained transmission can prolong the life of the truck, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure the Ram is able to handle heavy-duty tasks over the long haul.

Resale Value: Lastly, the condition of the transmission can significantly affect the resale value of the vehicle. A Dodge Ram with a well-maintained or upgraded transmission can command a higher price on the used market.

In conclusion, the transmission is a key component of any Dodge Ram truck. Whether you're towing heavy loads, navigating challenging terrains, or just using the truck as a daily driver, the transmission plays a crucial role in the performance and longevity of the vehicle.

Duramax with Allison Transmission
Ram History

A brief history of transmission development in Dodge Ram trucks

The transmission has always been a vital part of any vehicle, and in Dodge Ram trucks, its development has evolved significantly since the line's inception. Here's a brief history of transmission development in these trucks:

1981 - 1993 (1st Generation Dodge Ram): The first-generation Dodge Ram used a range of transmissions. Gasoline engines were paired with the TorqueFlite series of three-speed automatic transmissions or four-speed manuals. Diesel engines were matched with the LoadFlite three-speed automatics or four-speed manual transmissions. These early transmissions were reliable for their time but lacked the sophisticated technology and performance features seen in later models.

1994 - 2001 (2nd Generation Dodge Ram): The second-generation Rams introduced overdrive and electronically controlled transmissions. The 46RH four-speed and 47RH four-speed transmissions were used for various models throughout this generation, providing better fuel efficiency and smoother shifting. The heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 models also saw the introduction of five-speed manual transmissions.

2002 - 2008 (3rd Generation Dodge Ram): The third generation saw the introduction of more advanced transmissions, with an emphasis on durability and improved towing capacity. The four-speed automatic transmissions were gradually phased out and replaced with the 545RFE five-speed and the 68RFE six-speed automatic transmissions. These transmissions offered more gear ratios for improved acceleration, fuel efficiency, and towing capability.

2009 - 2018 (4th Generation Dodge Ram): The fourth generation further refined the automatic transmission technology. The 68RFE six-speed continued its service in the Ram 2500 and 3500, known for its robustness and improved control. The Ram 1500, on the other hand, received the advanced 65RFE six-speed and, later in 2013, the TorqueFlite 8, an eight-speed automatic transmission. This new eight-speed transmission brought about increased fuel efficiency and smoother shifting.

2019 - Present (5th Generation Ram): The fifth and current generation of Ram trucks continue to use the eight-speed automatic transmissions, now standard across all Ram 1500 models, delivering improved performance, fuel efficiency, and towing capability. The heavy-duty Ram 2500 and 3500 models have been paired with a robust six-speed automatic transmission, providing remarkable durability and control in demanding tasks.

It's important to note that during these years, manual transmissions were also available, although their popularity and usage have decreased over time due to advancements in automatic transmission technology. Throughout its history, Dodge Ram's transmission development reflects the evolution of automotive technology and the growing demands for greater fuel efficiency, performance, and durability in the pickup truck market.

Duramax with Allison Transmission
Improve your Dodge's performance with an Allison conversion

Converting your Dodge to an Allison 1000 transmission can bring several benefits, especially if you're using your vehicle for demanding tasks such as towing, hauling heavy loads, or off-roading. Here's why you might consider such a conversion

Durability and Reliability
Durability and Reliability

Designed to handle Dodge's powerful engines, Allison transmissions bring exceptional reliability and durability. They're perfect for heavy-duty applications, such as commercial use, off-roading, or heavy towing.

Greater Towing Capacity
Greater Towing Capacity

Enhance your Dodge Ram's towing abilities with an Allison 1000 transmission. Built for high torque and power, it can significantly improve your vehicle's performance and towing capacity.

Improved Heat Management
Improved Heat Management

Allison transmissions provide superior heat management, which is crucial for the longevity of your Dodge Ram's transmission. Better heat management can extend the lifespan of the transmission, particularly for those long hauls.

Customization and Tunability
Customization and Tunability

For Dodge Ram owners who want more control, Allison transmissions offer excellent customization and tunability options. Aftermarket controllers can help adjust shift patterns and other parameters, tailoring your driving experience to your preferences.

Potentially Longer Lifespan
Potentially Longer Lifespan

Allison 1000 transmissions, renowned for their sturdy construction and effective heat management, may outlast the original Dodge Ram transmission. This potential for a longer lifespan is especially true under heavy-duty use.

How Does Your Dodge Transmission Stack Up?

What transmission do I have?

Duramax with Allison Transmission
    • Dodge Transmissions
    • 46RH
      48RE w/ Throttle Valve Cable
      48RE w/ Throttle Valve Actuator
      727 TorqueFlight
Dodge 46RH Transmission

Dodge 46RH Transmission

The 46RH, also known as the A518, is a 4-speed automatic transmission developed by Chrysler Corporation, predominantly used in Dodge vehicles during the early 1990s. This model, denoting a 4-speed transmission with a torque capacity of 600 (46) for Rear-wheel drive, Hydraulically controlled vehicles (RH), was one of the first to feature an overdrive unit for improved fuel economy at lower engine RPMs during highway speeds. The 46RH consists of three forward and one reverse gear ratios and an integral torque converter, capable of multiplying engine torque under full load. It also boasts an electronically controlled overdrive with an interior switch for driver control, optimal for towing or hilly terrains. While requiring regular maintenance for optimal performance, the 46RH stands as a robust and reliable transmission, commonly selected for Dodge vehicles due to its potential to offer extensive service life.

46RH Transmission Swap
Dodge Ram with Upgraded Transmission
Boost Your Dodge Ram's Performance with a Comprehensive Transmission Upgrade: Trust CAConversions

Leveraging Expertise and Quality for a Smooth Transmission Enhancement

When it comes to upgrading your Dodge Ram's transmission, a professional company like CAConversions simplifies the process. With a reputation for high-quality, all-inclusive transmission upgrade solutions, here's how CAConversions can help:

  • Expert Knowledge and Experience: CAConversions boasts years of expertise in complex transmission upgrades. Their deep understanding of Dodge Rams allows them to provide tailored advice based on your vehicle's specific requirements.

  • All-Inclusive Upgrade Kits: Offering comprehensive upgrade kits, CAConversions ensures you have everything necessary for your Dodge Ram's transmission enhancement. This includes the upgraded transmission, adapter plates, shift controllers, wiring harnesses, coolers, and more.

  • Customization: CAConversions will help customize the upgrade to suit your specific needs. Whether you desire improved towing capacity, superior off-road performance, or a more reliable daily driver, they can provide a solution that achieves your goals.

  • Technical Support: CAConversions offers continued technical support - guiding you through the installation process, helping resolve any arising issues, and advising on maintenance and care post-upgrade.

  • Quality Assurance: With CAConversions, you're choosing a company dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Rest assured knowing that you're receiving top-notch components and service.

  • Cost and Time Efficiency: An undertaking like a transmission upgrade can be daunting, but CAConversions' all-inclusive kits and expert support can help streamline the process, potentially saving you time and money versus sourcing components and information separately.

A transmission upgrade is a substantial modification that should be approached with careful thought. Consider aspects like cost, potential impacts on your vehicle's warranty, and your vehicle's intended use. CAConversions is ready to provide the valuable advice needed for an informed decision.

What's included in an Allison Conversion kit?

We provide everything you will need to get the swap done right

Duramax with Allison Transmission
    • Kit Includes
    • Transmission
      Torque Converter
      Wiring Harness
      Flex Plate adapter
      Transfer Case
      Mounting Kit
      Cooling Kit
      Digital Display
      Allison TCM
      CAC TCM
Allison 1000PK Transmission

Allison 1000PK Transmission

Upgrade your vehicle's capabilities with the esteemed Allison 1000PK Transmission. You have the option to either include this component in your kit purchase or use your own pre-acquired Allison 1000PK transmission. To cater to your needs, we also provide transmission rebuilding services. Explore a comprehensive selection of other Allison transmissions here that we can expertly convert.

How to determine the Right Torque Converter

Maximizing Performance: Using Tire Diameter and Gear Ratio Calculations to Choose the Ideal Torque Converter

How to determine the right torque converter


Converting your Dodge Ram's transmission to an Allison can result in numerous benefits including improved durability, enhanced towing capability, increased fuel efficiency, and smoother gear shifts, thus optimizing your vehicle's performance.

Most Dodge Ram models can benefit from an Allison transmission conversion, but it's advisable to consult with a specialist to ensure compatibility with your specific model.

Yes, with the right adapters, your existing Dodge Ram transfer case can be utilized in an Allison conversion.

The Allison 1000 series is a popular choice for Dodge Ram vehicles due to its reliability and performance, but the best option depends on your particular needs and vehicle model.

The conversion process involves removing your Dodge Ram's current transmission, fitting the Allison transmission with the necessary adapters, and installing it. The wiring harness, TCM, and other components are also adjusted accordingly.

Yes, an Allison transmission is designed to provide smoother shifts, increased durability, and better fuel efficiency, all of which contribute to improved vehicle performance.

An Allison conversion kit typically includes components such as the transmission (if chosen), TCM, torque converter, wiring harness, adapters, and other necessary parts for the conversion.

You have the option to either provide your own Allison transmission or include it with your conversion kit purchase.

While it's possible for experienced individuals to do the conversion, it's generally recommended to hire a professional to ensure the job is done correctly and safely.

The conversion time can vary based on the vehicle and the specific conversion kit. On average, it might take a few days to complete.

An Allison conversion could affect your vehicle's warranty depending on the specific terms of your warranty agreement. We recommend checking with your warranty provider before proceeding with the conversion.

If you face any problems after the conversion, it's best to contact your conversion specialist for troubleshooting assistance or potential service needs.

Yes, an Allison transmission from another vehicle can be used, provided it's compatible with your Dodge Ram model. Ensure to consult with your conversion specialist before proceeding.

Yes, we do offer rebuilding services for Allison transmissions, ensuring your transmission is operating at peak performance.

The cost can vary significantly depending on the specific Allison model, whether you're providing the transmission or purchasing it as part of the kit, and any additional services required. Please contact us directly for a more precise estimate.

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