Everything You Need to Know About Dodge Ram Transmissions

August 20, 2023

Unlock the intricacies of Dodge Ram transmissions, exploring types, advantages, and care practices.

Types of Dodge Ram Transmissions

The Dodge Ram pickups offer diverse transmission options based on year, model, and trim. Here’s an outline of the primary types:

  • Automatic: Prevalent in Dodge Ram pickups, they assure an effortless driving encounter and are apt for routine use.
  • Manual: Favored by driving aficionados, they proffer enhanced control of the vehicle's dynamics, being ideal for off-roading and hefty towing.
  • Automated Manual: Rising in popularity, these merge the handiness of automatics with the finesse of manuals.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): Featured in some models, CVTs deliver a refined driving sensation and augmented fuel efficiency.

Benefits of Dodge Ram Transmissions

Selecting a Dodge Ram transmission can fetch multiple advantages:

  • Durability: Engineered for enduring hefty usage and towing, they’re a prime pick for seeking a steadfast work truck.
  • Towing capacity: Boasting remarkable towing prowess, automatic and manual variants are top choices for contractors and heavy-duty tasks.
  • Off-road capability: Manuals bestow superior vehicular control, making them off-roading champions.

Maintenance of Dodge Ram Transmissions

For your Dodge Ram to offer unwavering performance, meticulous transmission upkeep is essential. Consider these care pointers:

  • Monitor and replenish transmission fluid consistently.
  • Adhere to recommended intervals for changing fluid and filter.
  • Avert abrupt accelerations or brakings to minimize transmission stress.
  • Seek a professional mechanic’s insight upon observing abnormal sounds or shakes.


Dodge Ram transmissions stand as pivotal facets of these robust trucks. Comprehending the available types and their perks is indispensable for any driver. Catered with vigilant maintenance, your transmission pledges lasting impeccable service.

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