NSBU & Rubber Mounts

NSBU & Rubber Mounts


NSBU (Neutral Start Back-Up) Switch: The NSBU switch, also known as the neutral safety switch or the park/neutral position switch, is an essential component of the Allison transmission system. This switch prevents the engine from starting unless the transmission is in park or neutral. It also activates the back-up lights when the vehicle is in reverse. In Allison transmissions, the NSBU switch is typically located on the driver's side of the transmission case. It's important to maintain and replace the NSBU switch when necessary, as a malfunctioning switch can cause issues such as starting difficulties or lack of back-up lights. Allison Rubber Mounts: Rubber mounts are crucial for reducing vibrations and noise in your vehicle. The Allison transmission system utilizes rubber mounts at various points, including where the transmission connects to the vehicle's frame or chassis. These mounts help isolate the transmission from the rest of the vehicle, providing a smoother and quieter ride. Over time, rubber mounts may deteriorate, leading to increased vibrations, noise, and potential damage to the transmission or other components. Regular inspection and timely replacement of worn-out rubber mounts are essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of your Allison transmission system.

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