Anderson Monarchs & The Iconic 47 Flexible Clipper


Anderson Monarchs & The Iconic 47 Flexible Clipper

A Legacy in Motion

The Anderson Monarchs, celebrated for their historic run at the Little League World Series with a remarkable young lady as their star pitcher, have another jewel reflecting their legacy - the 47 Flexible Clipper. Retrofitted with a robust Allison transmission, this vehicle isn't just about transport; it's about bridging the past with the present.


Delving into the History

The Flxible Company, starting its journey in 1913, initially produced sidecars for motorcycles. But it was in the 1930s and 1940s that the company shifted gears to produce what would become the emblem of American luxury travel - the Flexible Clipper. Its streamlined, art-deco design stood in stark contrast to its contemporaries, making it a favorite among tour companies, enterprises, and celebrities.

Designed for luxury, the Clipper's interiors boasted plush seating, a spacious layout, and other amenities that transformed travel into a delightful experience. Today, restored models of this classic vehicle can be seen gracing vintage automobile shows and special occasions.

The Monarchs' Modern-Day Clipper:

Choosing the 47 Flexible Clipper for the Anderson Monarchs is a testament to the team’s ethos of honoring tradition while ushering in the new. This Clipper’s restoration, especially with the integration of the Allison transmission, is emblematic of the adaptability and resilience the Monarchs showcased on the field.

Features & Highlights:

  • Historical Elegance: The Clipper combines the allure of yesteryears with the efficiency of modern engineering, thanks to its new Allison transmission.
  • Team Spirit: It doesn’t just ferry players; it carries the dreams, aspirations, and tales of every Anderson Monarch player and supporter.
  • Spacious and Stylish: Designed for luxury, the Clipper ensures every journey is memorable, be it to a game or a parade.

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